Sneaky Karitu - But Karivon Wins the Day

The magpies, currawongs, butcherbirds, noisy-miners - they are all friends and interact daily in many ways. They play with each other, negotiate with each other, tease each other and help each other.  This slideshow tells a really cute story that we have seen played out in many variations.

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Previous Slide 1/24 NextKerry finds a juicy biteKerry finds a juicy biteDimpy looks distractedDimpy looks distractedWhile Dimpy's not lookingWhile Dimpy's not lookingSneaky Karitu steals Dimpy's pieceSneaky Karitu steals Dimpy's pieceKaritu runs up the bankKaritu runs up the bankAh! A good place to eatAh! A good place to eatWith no one to bother meWith no one to bother meI can eat at liesureI can eat at liesureBut Wendy goes to investigateBut Wendy goes to investigateMinnie checks it out tooMinnie checks it out tooMinnie is satisfiedMinnie is satisfiedWendy not so...Wendy not so...Wendy wants answersWendy wants answersor perhaps a bribeor perhaps a bribeKaritu tries to hide in the mulberry treeKaritu tries to hide in the mulberry treeIf I go a bit deeper I may not be spottedIf I go a bit deeper I may not be spottedbut Wendy's keen and gives chasebut Wendy's keen and gives chaseKarivon spots a pieceKarivon spots a pieceWhy miss an opportunity?Why miss an opportunity?While others are busyWhile others are busyand no one's lookingand no one's lookingKarivon got one awayKarivon got one awayMaggie comes down tooMaggie comes down tooBut Karivon can eat in peace - Maggie doesn't mindBut Karivon can eat in peace - Maggie doesn't mind

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