Have You Asked A Bird For Help? Find Out what happens in the Special Edition of Wild Bird Talking

  • Read one lady's Believe It Or Not   true story when she asked a bird for help.
  • Follow Aussie bush writer Brian Taylor's journey as he interprets the actions of the birds he meets to learn about the events unfolding in his life - an exclusive from  his new book 'A Swag of Memories' to be released in  August by Hachette Australia.
  • How Can You Communicate with Animals - learn from experts like Dawn Baumann Brunke author of Animal Voices
  • How to Sweet Talk a Wild Bird by Gitie House
  • How do you communicate with a sick bird?  Read Irene Brock's story of  Reiki on an owl-finch.

In Wild Bird Talking's Special Edition on Communicating With Wild Birds:

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